Holi Boli IN shipping prices are given in INR.

All orders are shipped out from Holi Boli on Monday to Friday 0900 to 1900 on standard business days where the postal / courier services are open (not Indian/State public holidays - note holidays differ in Indian states and in other countries).

Orders from Holi Boli cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes.

Shipping rates for Holi Boli shall be shown on the check out page.  See below for current schedule.

Holi Boli assumes all parcels are less than 5 Kg.  Parcels being shipped larger than 5 Kg will require the customer and Holi Boli to negotiate the shipping costs and carrier of the parcel.

Holi Boli IN ships goods purchased on-line after payment has been made in full.  Holi Boli does not offer Cash on Delivery (COD) at this time.

Holi Boli ships from ports in India to any destination that can legal receive goods from India.  Please check your countries import laws to ensure smooth delivery of Holi Boli products.

Holi Boli assumes the responsibility of goods in transit up to the reception of the goods by the customer.  See our 'Returns Policy' to see how Holi Boli conducts refunds and returns.  Holi Boli will ensure that your products reach you in excellent condition.  If that is not the case, please email Holi Boli and arrange a return, exchange and / or refund.

Holi Boli has divided the world into shipping zones and shipping prices change depending on the customers shipping address.

Holi Boli offers two methods of shipping:

  1. 'Speed Post' service run by India Post.  This service, being run by the national post of India, complies with the world postage system and can be tracked by any other national post service operating under the same postage system.
  2. Courier service run by DTDC.  This is an Indian courier service that links with its worldwide partners (DHL and FedEx) in countries where there is no DTDC office.  OR local DHL run courier.

Both methods of shipping take about the same time but the courier system promises higher protection of goods shipped and therefore charges more. On average an order takes 14 days to delivery - but this can vary in some countries.  October (Durga Puja) and December (Christmas) also can have delays due to be important festival periods that put stress on mail/courier deliveries. 

All posts in India must contain PIN codes (or ZIP codes) and phone contact details of the person receiving the parcel.


International Shipping

Please note that the above two methods of shipping are applied for both domestic and international customers.  For international customers, both methods use airlines for shipping.

All export documentation shall be prepared by Holi Boli:

  1. The CN22 form for international declaration of goods shall be used for all parcels being shipped through Speed Post that total under ₹23,000.  The CN23 form will be used for parcels over ₹23,000 worth of goods.  Goods shall be valued at the 'product' cost for purpose of risk assessment by India Post as directed by India Post (Sambalpur H.O. - April 2015).  Holi Boli is both the manufacturer and retailer.
  2. Parcels being exported under courier will contain invoices using the product price shown on the invoice cum packing slip documentation.  All documents including IEC (Import Export Code), Bank AD, GSTIN, COI and PAN (and any other documents required by courier will be supplied by Holi Boli).
  3. Any waybill required in the case of a parcel being over ₹50,000 and transferred across state boarders will be provided by Holi Boli.

Our goods are shipped by means of FOB.  FOB, "Free On Board", is a term in international commercial law specifying at what point respective obligations, costs, and risk involved in the delivery of goods shift from the seller to the buyer under the 'Incoterms' standard published by the International Chamber of Commerce. In FOB, the cost of movement of goods on board of airlines or on board of ships is borne by the seller.

Holi Boli Private Limited (Holi Boli) is an Indian based company and thereby must comply with all import and export laws associated with an Indian exporting company. 

Any tariffs, import duties or other taxes associated by the receiving company cannot be predicted by Holi Boli and maybe paid by the consumer in such cases to ensure your products arrive to their destinations.  

Holi Boli does not knowingly export products to countries with shipping restrictions, import restrictions or are under embargo. Since Holi Boli has not got the resources to check every country we ask the customer to ensure that products can reach them.  In this case, Holi Boli does not take responsibility for loss of product and will not offer a refund.

Our exported parcels are subject to export / import checking by government agencies.  Customer parcels maybe opened and inspected by these government agencies.  Holi Boli still takes responsibility for the delivery of its products in excellent condition to customers.

Domestic Shipping

Shipping products within India will follow the same rules as given by the postal service for internal posts in India.

Both Speed Post and DTDC courier shipping is available for Indian customers.

As per Indian transportation, domestic shipping may involve train, truck and air delivery depending on how India Post or DTDC determine to get the parcel to the customer shipping address.

Shipping Price Strategies

All shipping prices are in INR.

Prices may change due to market conditions.  The prices given on the checkout are the current price for each zone.  Use www.xe.com to convert to your currency.

Less than 5 Kg parcels:

For parcels greater than 5 Kg Holi Boli will call the customer to discuss shipping details.